Hurrah For Tea

Posted: June 2, 2015

I like to drink hot water, before it was ‘trendy’. The honest truth is that I’m not a massive fan of cold, fizzy drinks – even in summer. I know, right, I’m strange. My mother has always given me hot water to drink since I was little and it’s just something I’ve grown up with.

However, I did grow up, and this grown-up world just simply wasn’t prepared for my strange, hot-watering ways, and thus came all those perplexed looks at university, my house-share, my office – “you want, wait, what?” I’ve often been asked whether I was going to add anything in it, not even some honey, perhaps a lemon? Sometimes in Western restaurants, the cup of hot water will come with a pot of sugar…absurd. No, I just genuinely like hot water.

Now I’m at that stage in life where I meet people for ‘coffee’ (except it’s never coffee because my body can’t handle caffeine…unless it’s in cake form with walnuts). So I turn up to some quirky coffee shop and I’m stuck. What to drink? I can’t bring myself to order a hot water on its own, mainly because I feel I’m missing out, and sometimes when I’m resisting the baked goods and pastries, I just need that little something extra.

And that’s when I notice the little corner of the menu board that says tea – and it’s not just English Breakfast. Now there are so many different types of tea I can now blend in with the coffee lot with my fruity or minty tea, and no one will bat an eyelid. Result. My favourite, and a tried and tested method is the traditional Mint Tea from Clipper Teas. It helps wash those stodgy blues away.


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With love from Clipper!

We've gone a bit bonkers at Clipper HQ and decided we wanted to share the love with our lovely Clipper tea drinkers out there! We’ve created 3 Limited Edition tea caddies and each comes FREE with our special packs of Fairtrade Everyday Tea, Organic Everyday Tea and Pure Green tea (80 tea bags).

We’ve also made thousands of unbleached Clipper tea-towels and popped them into other packs of our Fairtrade Everyday Tea (80 bags). There are 4 different designs to look out for. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve only gone and put 100% more tea bags into boxes of our Pure Green Tea 26  Bags – yes we’ve squeezed 52 bags in there!

Read more about which gifts we’ll be bestowing by clicking on the images below.

All this Clipper loveliness will be in supermarkets from the end of October.


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