Fitness Tips: 5 Yoga Moves That Can Improve Your Core

Posted: September 21, 2015

At Clipper Teas we love a bit of yoga, who doesn’t? It’s great for the mind and body and is the ideal exercise to try before sipping a green tea. One of Yoga’s many benefits is that it can strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture. Here at Clipper HQ we’ve been looking for the ultimate core poses so why not join us in trying out these five yoga moves…

Balancing Table

This move is all about improving your balance, memory and concentration (sounds tough)! To start, move on to your hands and knees on the floor and form the ‘table pose’, keeping your back straight and hands shoulder width apart and placed firmly on the floor. Next, move your left leg out behind you and up towards the ceiling, keeping it parallel to the floor. With your left leg extended out behind you, move your right arm out in front of you – concentrating on your palms as your arm moves. Once your arm is fully extended in front of you hold the pose for around six seconds until slowly moving your arm and leg back to into the table position. Repeat on the other side.




Crab Pose

Warning: flexibility needed! The crab pose is designed to build arm, leg and core strength so no wonder it takes a bit of work. Begin by sitting on the floor and slowly bend your knees, keeping your feet firm on the floor and hip width apart. Keep your hands on the floor behind your hips and your fingers pointing away from your body before extending the pose. Push your hips up to the ceiling and tense your abs as you hold the crab position. Breathe up to six times before slowly releasing the pose and moving back into the seated position. Repeat as many times as you fancy!

Half Bow

This move will energise and strengthen most of your body, not just your core! Lay on the floor facing down. Take your left hand and stretch down to your right foot, grab your foot and bring it towards the small of your back. Hold your ankle in your hand and gently lift your head, chest and neck off of the floor, looking in front of you. Hold the stretch for two-six breaths before slowly releasing and repeating on the other side.


Inclined Plane

Lay on the floor, facing upwards with your palms firmly on the ground behind you and facing away from your body. Lean back on your palms, inhale and press down into your palms and lift your hips to the ceiling. Pull your knees together and keep your feet firmly on the floor. Hold for two-six breaths until you release.

Low Plank

The dreaded plank! This is always a tough one but it’s great for your core stability so we’re sold! Get yourself into the plank position. Keeping your shoulders back and legs straight, lower your head, chin and chest towards the floor. Inhale when you move up and exhale when you move down to the floor. Hold the pose for as long as you can. And (eek!) repeat.


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