Change One Thing At A Time

Posted: April 28, 2015

Every year I start out with a list of resolutions and intentions, and there’s one that is always on there, year after year; to get healthy. This usually involves an intense diet and fitness plan, cutting out all sugar, fat and anything tasty and going to the gym every day with a run in between. Not surprisingly, I don’t enjoy it and therefore never manage to stick at it beyond the first week in February. This year however, I’ve managed to find something that sticks. I’m still keeping it up now, into March, and can definitely see it continuing.

This year, I resolved to change one thing. A long list of resolutions and a great big plan of action always seemed to be too overwhelming for me to cope with, ultimately leading to me effectively throwing it out of the window and ending up back where I started. I have been setting myself shorter-term goals to do one thing differently each week, or each month, which has turned out to be a lot more manageable. I thought about my diet, and while I realised it wasn’t that great, it wasn’t all that bad either and so didn’t need too much of a drastic change. I therefore resolved to change one thing at a time, and my change has had such a wonderful effect. I had a fairly unhealthy coffee habit, not necessarily the coffee itself, but the syrups, sugars and frothy milk that made up the rest of the cup, and found these so delicious and addictive that I would have multiple vanilla lattes in a day. That’s not good for anyone! My one change was to cut down to one of these a day, maximum, and replace the rest with green tea. One week into this change and I was already feeling the difference. My skin looked clearer and was beginning to notice a change in my weight already, which was amazing. My next change was to replace coffee as my first drink of the day with green tea, and this was perhaps the most beneficial thing I’ve done this year. I no longer rely on that sugar/caffeine fix and instead start my day with a breath of fresh air. Starting out with a moment of clarity, a cup of tea and a moment to sit and enjoy it puts me in a great mind-frame for the rest of the day, something that I think is as good for the soul as it is the body. Fast forward a few months and I’m no longer craving the lattes, but instead only having one once a week or so for a treat, instead reaching for my box of green tea. I feel generally better in myself and feel well on my way to my goal of getting healthier. Knowing that I’m achieving my mini-goals as I go feels amazing too!

I’m no longer craving the lattes, but instead only having one once a week or so for a treat, instead reaching for my box of green tea.

By Carrie from Carrie Brighton

Carrie is a coffee drinking, cake baking, instagramming, photo taking, life explorer with a passion for all things lovely.

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